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We enable you to achieve tangible result from your mobile marketing investment, with solutions that merge the best of the two worlds.

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Why Wireless Stars

Wireless Stars offers key strategic advantages that separate us from other in the web/mobile industry
Global presence

Not only do we have strong presence in the Arab world, but we are also stationed in Indonesia and San Francisco – the most prominent place in the world for the startup scene. Our office in San Francisco.

Mobile development

We build innovative smartphone applications using the Wireless Stars technology, our focus is to deliver a high quality mobile applications to the whole world

Startup Culture

We operate in a very friendly, young, politics-free environment. We emphasize on building a cool, innovative smart brand with every activity we do.

Top Caliber Talents

Top caliber talents Staff members of the Wireless Stars family are the best in the field, they are former employees of international companies like Google,Apple,Siemens and Yahoo

Why Join Wireless Stars

"It’s all about stars, finding an opportunity in the emerging markets to tackle a real technology challenges and build awesome product on top of it working with a team raised in silicon valley is not an everyday opportunity. From day one our vision is “to build not to consume” and we know what it takes to build an authentic technology, that is why we look very hard for stars who are up to this challenge, and if you believe you can we want to hear from you."

Open Vacancies

Who we are

Get To Know Wireless Stars Better
Introducing The Stars

New technology is impressing, but at Wireless Stars we never forget that our partners are driven by goals. When we design your digital solution, our personal goal is to empower your marketing strategies with reliable, cutting-edge technologies that enable you to reach, amaze and engage your customers. We work hand-in-hand with your marketing team to build creative mobile solutions by utilizing innovative technologies that maximize the impact of your marketing investment.

Wireless Stars formed in 2010, in Sunnyvale, California. One year later, in January, 2011, the first Egyptian revolution took place. This revolution inspired the founders, originally from Egypt, to open an office in Cairo with the goal of serving the needs of the fast growing digital market in the MENA region.

  • Reliabilty
  • Technology
  • Team Work
  • Innovation
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Meet the A team

Our stars who work hard to push Wireless Stars forward
Iqbal Latheef
A chemical engineer by training, I worked in the chemical industry before returning to the University of Texas for my MBA. I worked for Capgemini and AT Kearney as a Management Consultant and delivered business transformation and technology implementation projects for some of the world’s largest companies.
Adel Youssef
Founder and CTO
Dr. Adel Youssef is the founder and CTO of Wireless Stars Inc. He is a former Google employee leading a team to develop Google My Location technology, winner of Google Founders Award for Innovation. The technology was integrated in the first iphone launched to the market early 2007.
Irwan Tantu
Irwan has experienced in managing engineering group in Weatherford, Siemens and Shell Companies. In 2009, he co-founded tQ Automation with his partner, Dr. Iqbal Latheef. They both currently operating the company from 2009
Maged Ghoneima
Country Manager – MENA
VLSI Circuit designer with experience in both digital and analog custom circuit design. Specializing in embedded memory macros and on-chip interconnect structures. Interested in academic work and research institutions as well, and perhaps consulting corporations.

Our Products

Wireless Stars is proud to announce the top products built by our team

Contact Us

Contact Wireless Stars by using our contact form, or visit us at our head office

Wireless Stars Offices


United States of America

USA: 899 Skokie Blvd, Suite 406, Northbrook, IL 0062.
Phone: (+1) 240-486-3736


Jl. Kasuari 16 Suite#6, Makassar 90125
Phone: (+62) 822 9367 4473


14 Waleed Bin Thanyan Al Seoud, Sheraton Building, Cairo.
Phone: (+20) 2 22 695 640/1/2